The Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura fanlisting was launched on December 29, 2014 ♥ It is entitled , inspired by the melancholic song from the Shippuden OST ♪ Homecoming means to return home, and I think it is a fitting title for their relationship~ when Sasuke abandons Konoha in his quest to become an avenger, Sakura's only wish is to bring him back home. Together with Sakura, Sasuke will revive the Uchiha clan and start a new home in Konoha ♥

Version 1 Stand By Me features the pair in a blend of images from the past and future. I wanted to show both the innocent and complicated nature of their relationship, as well as the growth and maturity of these two characters over time. Their relationship was strained after Sasuke abandons Konoha, but you wouldn't be able to tell from this layout as it looks like Sasuke is protectively leaning into Sakura as they stand side by side fufufufu ♥ The lyrics on the layout are from (Shippuden 14th ED theme song), and represents Sakura's feelings for Sasuke ♪


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